The Three-Way Tie Breaks Today as ApG Take on xTc

Things are heating up as we dash towards the finish line in the final two weeks of Leg One of the DGL Dota 2 Masters, with the final moments filled with all sorts of important matches.

One of those matches happens to be this evening, and involves two of the teams currently tied at 6 – 0 – 1, Aperture Gaming and xTc Gaming. xTc currently lead the pack, thanks to a higher win percentage, which makes tonight even more important as a clean win would go a long way in securing a podium finish, and potentially hampering the opposing side in doing so.

Telkom Gaming managed to catch up with captain of Aperture Gaming, Chad “acg” Simpson, to find out how the team is feeling heading into tonight’s match:

Telkom Gaming: It’s an interesting match for you tonight and quite an important one against xTc. How are you feeling about the match?

Chad “acg” Simpson: We’re feeling pretty confident. Xtc are a good team however and the match can probably go either way especially while we’re using a sub. We will have to see who performs better on the night.

TG: The fight for the podium is essentially between yourselves, xTc and xD, who also happen to be your final two matches in the Leg. Do you think you’ll be able to get into the top 3?

Simpson: We’re currently not pressuring ourselves at the moment, we are just using these matches as practice until we can participate with our full roster. We’re not too concerned for seeding either, seeing as you have to beat everyone to win the tournament, and that’s our only goal. However, I think a podium finish for us will depend a lot on tonight’s result.

TG: Not related to tonight’s match but noteworthy nonetheless, you’ve recently taken to watching and commentating on some local games. What was the motivation to start doing this and where can we find you?

Simpson: Well the idea behind it was basically what I saw BTS do a while back – a more in depth cast by players. So it is more analytical in all aspects then the traditional “Play-by-Play”

I think some viewers generally enjoy hearing from players more than casters sometimes, mainly those who enjoy the more analytical side of things. If you ever want to tune in I usually update my Twitter when I’ll be casting. You can catch the stream live on

Local caster Ridditz will be on hand to bring you the close encounter tonight at 8pm, so make sure not to miss out on some top quality local Dota 2 this evening:

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