The CS:GO Sapphire Showdown: Breaking Down the Competition

Sixteen teams entered, eight remain: who will emerge victorious in Round 2? Only two teams can progress and join Ventus Red and Mythic Gaming in the Community Shield – which teams will be able to hold up to the pressure and who will be eliminated?

As we head closer to the finals of the Sapphire Showdown, pressure will be mounting as teams prepare to face some of their toughest competition to date with a number of highly-rated teams preparing to eliminate all competition for their chance at the Wildcard Qualifier seeds.

Round 1 saw some fairly expected results, with the only truly close match being played out between BzK Kingz and SingularityZA, though the Singularity side will be in for even more tough competition as they look set to face Bravado Gaming in the next round of competition.

Matchup and Predictions:

PROWolves vs. WRG Aspire: A brilliant matchup between these two talented squads, WRG Aspire has been around for longer as a team and should therefore, have more synergy however, I wouldn’t count out the strong individuals lurking on the Wolves side.With a little teamwork they could potentially knock out WRG, who should be the favourites.

Prediction: PROWolves to upset.

VnR Rejects vs. Ventus Black: Another closely matched set of teams will be facing one another, this game could truly go either way. While the Ventus line-up has a fresher set of players, bringing new strategies and synergies into the mix, the VnR Rejects house a stronger, more structured lineup – not to mention the VnR team showed great promise in the previous DO-OR-DIE rounds – this match has the potential to go all the way to three maps.

Prediction: VnR Rejects to take a close game.

Bravado Gaming vs. SingularityZA: In one corner – the team in blue, the 2016 Masters Champions Bravado Gaming. In the other corner is SingularityZA – a newcomer side who showed extreme promise against BzK Kingz in their previous match, although fate has them going against an immovable object. With Bravado set on making the Community Shield, I just can’t picture them being upset in this matchup.

Prediction: Bravado to show no mercy and win in a quick 2-0 game.

Ventus Academy White vs. PewPew: With vA White housing over ten members on their roster, it is difficult to judge what team we will see putting their best foot forward in the upcoming match – with the real question of synergy within the team obscuring an easier prediction for this match. PewPew themselves have a more solid and stable roster which should give them the required synergy to secure themselves victory in this game.

Prediction: PewPew to take an extremely close game.

This second round of competition is a much more evenly-balanced one, with the remaining teams truly getting set for some rough times ahead. Only two teams can make it to the Community Shield, stay tuned to Telkom Gaming to find out who will reign supreme as the competition in the Sapphire Showdown continues to heat up.

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