Pulse Twist Past Aperture in Surprise Dota 2 Masters Win

Yesterday in the Dota 2 Masters saw things get interesting right from the get go as Aperture Gaming took on Pulse Gaming in what most would pencil in as a “sure win” for Aperture thanks to previous performances.

However, it seems Pulse Gaming decided to take the lead in this particular tango, and quickly saw the Aperture side lose its footing in a clean sweep series, leaving a few eyebrows raised as to this rather interesting result.

Telkom Gaming caught up with the captain of the Pulse Gaming Dota 2 Squad, Neeran “Doppl3R” Motheeram, to talk about the sides’ upset:

Telkom Gaming (TG): So Pulse had a bit of a rough start to the Leg, after a loss to Energy eSports, but managed to bounce back incredible fashion by taking down Aperture Gaming in two straight games. How does the team feel after causing such an upset?

Neeran “Doppl3R” Motheeram: To be honest we haven’t been playing well since the last game of leg 1 versus Energy. The team synergy was off completely and there were a lot of differences of opinion during the draft and during the games which led us to lose every series since then if I remember correctly. So we had to change something especially after our performance on Sunday against Energy.

Pulse.Dota 2 at the 2016 DGC Prizegiving

We decided to use Deathy, from our sister team in the Premier Division, as a sub for Robert “Ragebos” Huckle in last night’s game. We just wanted to have a better performance versus Aperture, but the win was a welcome surprise that I think lifted the team’s spirits immensely.

(TG): Your stand-in, Richard “Deathy” Ware, did some amazing work for you guys during the series. Will he be sticking around for the rest of the Leg?

Motheeram: Deathy played really well and did a lot more than I thought he would, considering we never practiced with him at all and, and we only decided to use him yesterday afternoon. He made the step up from Premier Division to Masters quite easily and it shows that there are still players outside of Masters and your well “known” players that can compete if given the opportunity.

(TG): Pulse is a side that has been gaining strength over the course of the year. Is this finally the team finally reaping what it has sowed?

Motheeram: I think we were improving rapidly until we beat the new BVD in the group stages of the Ballistix Cup but we kind of fell off the bandwagon a bit since then. We are hoping to stabilise our play again and work from there.

(TG): Your next opponents, eXDee Gaming, are a bit of a mystery at the moment in Masters, having just come from Premier Division (and changed name from Constant Gaming). Do you expect to pull a win there too?

Motheeram: Well, this is a game we really want to win as we have lost in every scrim and a BO3 in Ballistix against the new XD lineup. I think we have a nine day gap before that game so we are hoping to finalise our roster and get some serious practice in for that game.

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