PlayStation Owners Experiencing Wi-Fi Woes After 4.50 Update

The recent 4.50 firmware update for the PlayStation 4 brought with it some serious quality of life updates, including the ability to use external hard drives to store and play your games from, which has essentially un-tethered your console from their rather miniscule hard drive sizes.

However, it seems the latest update has also brought with it some unexpected problems as many users have reported that they have been unable to connect to their Wi-Fi after updating their consoles.

The error exists in two main ways by the looks of things, either by getting a repeated “failed” notification when trying to connect via Wi-Fi or the console telling you that the Wi-Fi password is incorrect, with the error code NW-31297-2, even if you know your password is correct.

The problem is at least semi-solvable for the mean-time, although the solutions are far from ideal. One way is to plug an Ethernet cable directly into your console, which is the good old fashioned approach.

If you don’t have such a thing, users have found that if you completely remove your Wi-Fi Password and make it an unsecured network, your console will then also be able to connect, but as mentioned, this is probably not the ideal solution for security reasons.

Sony has yet to officially acknowledge the problem, but we will keep our eyes open and let you know of any further updates here at Telkom Gaming.te

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