The Clan and its Entity

-The clan was founded on 31 May 2014.

-This clan was created by Dennis Nel aka Sir-Wreck-It


The Wrecking Crew is a multi-platform clan of like-minded gamers who come from all walks of life, from all around South-Africa.

Our main goal is to be a competitive and top yet enjoyable clan while providing a channel for gamers to come together and play the games they love side by side. We also strife to improve everyone’s multiplayer/online skill level by learning from others through teamwork. But of course, we also exist as a big happy family.

  • Dennis Nel (Sir-Wreck-It)
  • Izak De Villiers (Zadkiel83)
  • Tinus van Tonder (ForceFeeder)
  • Brian Smith (DreddHaVoK)
  • Petrus De Kock (RasmusRogue)
  • Ruan Harding (The Fenrir Wolf™)
  • Andrew Dames (Flatmonk3y)
Senior Members
  • Mickele Costantiello (Nexus)
  • Niel Fourie (Mistif-Actual)
  • Fransua (FranticOwl)
Clan Media Information




To become one of the top competitive clans in South-Africa

  •  Discipline

Without a set system with rules, regulations and discipline structures any organisation falls apart!

  •  Commitment

We pledge commitment to our clan, team and fellow gamers to achieve our vision

  • Respect

We always treat people with respect no matter what

  • Integrity

This means taking an honest, fair and ethical approach in everything we do

  • Collaboration

No-one here is alone. We’re one clan with joint ambition, all working together to make us better

  • Performance

Achieving superior competing results by stretching our capabilities and pushing our limits

TWC Have a set of non-negotiable rules that everybody should adhere too

Please note that these rules differentiate between two groups of our clan members namely those who choose to play competitive/Competitions such as DGL and commit to the strict set of rules and those who join us as casual members. Casual members are not excluded from competitive games played as we accommodate those who would like to experience DGL and other types of competitions. Please note that where ever you see an (*) it then means these rules apply only to competitive members.


Rules and Regulations:

The Owner

The owner has the sole authority in the clan over any and all matters regarding The Wrecking Crew. The owner also has the final say in all and any matter regarding The Wrecking Crew. No clan member/leader/senior member or manager will make any form of decision regarding The Wrecking Crew without the approval of the clan owner.

Follow the Chain Of Command

We aren’t overly strict here (*accept in practice and clan match time), but there is a hierarchy for a reason. Without a set system with rules, regulations and a discipline structures we will become nothing. The players who have been selected in higher ranks are there because they have proven themselves to excel in leadership and are thoroughly committed to The-Wrecking-Crew. Unless their requests are unreasonable and not within The Wrecking Crew parameters, you are expected to comply fully no questions asked! Any person with a rank higher than your own is in a sense “your leader” the only time a rank is over ruled is when a member has been appointed as Managers/Leaders, Team/Squad Leader or Vice Leader in The Wrecking Crew. You are to obey any and all orders given by appointed managers/leaders/captains and vice-captains or higher ranking officials with in the clan. Ill-discipline in this regard will result in a ban/kick from the clan. If a person is found guilty of abusing his rank he will be banned/kicked from the clan with immediate effect.

(*) Attending Practices for Competitive players only!

This is the back bone of The Wrecking Crew. Without this we cannot achieve our goals and missions and therefore we will fail as a clan.

There are three designated practice times each week as follows:

The practice on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays is compulsory and the rest is optional.

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19:30pm to +/- 21:00

Sundays from 17:00 – +/- 19:00

Mondays and Wednesdays from 19:30pm to +/-20: 00

Now and then times will change and practices might be moved in one way or the other. Please follow all our different information pages shown on the first page so that you cannot have an excuse for not attending practice.

Practices on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays counts as a “practice/meeting” towards your ranking

Practice Requirements

If you miss 2 practices without a valid reason you will be kicked from your team and become a casual member

If you miss 3 practices in a row for any other reason other than the following, you will be kicked from your team and become a casual member

  • Your house burnt down – Prove it
  • Your PC broke – Prove it
  • Your internet is down – Prove it
  • You are on holiday – Prove it
  • Or any other reasons not accepted by clan OWNER
  • Loadshedding is a real threat but if found that you used it as an excuse not to attend practice you will be banned from the clan.

If you cannot attend practice, it is very unlikely that you will be accepted to The-Wrecking-Crew’s competitive teams. We require all players to attend so that we can build teamwork and tactics.

If you are unable to attend a particular practice once you join one of The-Wrecking-Crew’s teams it’s is your responsibility to contact the Founder or any of the Managers beforehand. We use a system of dedication and commitment to manage our teams, and depending on how dedicated to the team you are, will depend on how long you will stay in that particular team.

Practice Rules

We start practice at exactly 19:30pm or 17:00 for Sundays with roll call and practice briefing in the Clan meeting room on Teamspeak. We will not wait for anybody to still be running on other servers or getting juice or something like that. If that happens you might find yourself marked as a.w.o.l and be demoted from that team. All must be in the server in their correct teams and ready by the time roll call and briefing is finished unless otherwise instructed! Also late comers will not be tolerated and without a valid reason you will be side-lined for that practice and marked as a.w.o.l

Whilst in the teamspeak you shall not speak unless you are told to do so (in other words do not chip in)

Please give the person who is speaking the respect and keep comments for when it is your turn to do so

When joining on the server there will be NO SPAWNING until told to do so. Then there will be no jumping around and shooting etc. until told to do so. Again this can lead to you being kicked from practice for that evening and marked as a.w.o.l

Unless otherwise requested, we then jump into our respective teamspeak channels and start practice

Don't Cheat

We do not accept any boosters/glitchers/con-fig files/macros etc.  That can result in a ban or disqualifying from any form of competition or any server for any game for The Wrecking Crew or any of its teams or members, No form of cheating whatsoever will be tolerated in The-Wrecking-Crew. An immediate ban will occur if found guilty of any of these forms of offenses. If you’re going to play a game, play it fair and by the rules! If you happen to catch a person hacking don’t go public with that, take it to your Clan’s owner first to resolve the matter discretely.


No member of The-Wrecking-Crew shall retain membership with any other gaming clan simultaneously. Any member caught retaining membership of another clan or gaming team shall be automatically and without warning permanently banned from TWC with any and all rights, rank, and privileges being revoke.

Be Open Minded and Respect Other Players

There shall be no Derogatory/racial/sexual / blasphemy/foul language or any form of offensive or abusive comments or posts on any of our information centres/points. There shall be no form of abuse, verbal or otherwise permitted in The Wrecking Crew to fellow members or other teams. You are to show respect to all clan members at all times. We are a respected and respectful clan. If you teabag, troll or trash talk or swearing on the in-game blog you are embarrassing The-Wrecking-Crew AND yourself. We encourage all our members – regardless of rank – to be humble and respectful, not only towards their fellow members, but all players in general. All disputes can be solved maturely, there’s no need for nastiness. If you are found guilty for any of these offenses you will be banned/kicked from the clan.


While we understand that during a game, things can get heated and you might start swearing etc, please try to keep your outbursts to a minimum. Maturity is a 100% MUST, and everyone appreciates a player who can stay cool and collective under severe battle pressure.

New Recruits and Age limits

Age is not as important to us as maturity is. We do however enforce an age minimum of 16 years old. Any person will be chosen based on his maturity rather than his age. Any person who wishes to join The Wrecking Crew will be set on a 2 week probationary period. This time will be used as a “get to know each other” time to establish whether the clan and the recruit are suitable for each other and that all requirements have been met.

Recruit Requirements

Besides the other rules these must also be met.

  • Must have teamspeak and use it often
  • We require casual members to use teamspeak and make friends there to play their preferred games together, otherwise we become strangers in a clan and the whole idea behind the clan is to make friends and enjoy games together
  • Breaking any of the clan rules in the 2 week period you will not be accepted
  • ONLY after your 2 week probation period has successfully been completed will you be promoted to the rank of “Private” and you will then be awarded your [TWC] clan tags
Ranking system for players

Please note that the ranking system works different for casual and competitive members. Casual members will rank slower than competitive members, as competitive members does have a bigger responsibility towards the goal of the clan. The casual member’s ranks will be giving to them the last week of every month. There is a teamspeak channel dedicated for casual members so join when you need to rank up. Competitive members rank up through their practice days.

Teamspeak Rules

No admin or any other person is allowed to make changes to teamspeak WITHOUT permission from the clan owner. This offense can lead to a ban or kick.

No member is allowed to upload or download any files on the Teamspeak without permission from the owners

In Clan meetings there shall be no cross talk, only Captains and Vice-Captains talk! If you have a question say your name and we will address your issue as soon as we can, we have definitely heard you calling your name so please just be patient.

You are NOT ALLOWED to POKE ANYBODY in the practice channels during practice times. Channel hopping, excessive poking, and chat spamming is not allowed.

Channel hopping refers to the continuous switching of channels on the server in an attempt to relieve boredom and/or cause annoyance for everyone else. Poke spamming refers to the constant poking of an individual in an attempt to annoy them. Breaking this rule can and will result in a ban/kick.

Changing your name to mock, attack, discriminate, et cetera, against ANYONE will or may result in a ban/kick.

No excessive swearing or any form of harassment.

Absolutely no hack accusing of team mates

If someone has a issue with another member they MUST go to management. If any team member disrespect another member without coming to management they will receive 2 warnings and kicked on the 3rd.

Disciplinary procedures - Explaining the term “If Found Guilty”

If you have been accused by anybody for breaking any of the clan rules we will then have a disciplinary hearing where both parties can state their cases to determine whether you are guilty of the said offense or not.

The accuser will also be present and you are also entitled to have a witness present. If you are found guilty and depending on the severity you might receive a ban/kick from the clan

Banned/Kicked will depend on the severity of the offense

Remember that ANYBODY can accuse you of breaking any of the clan rules so follow them as best you can.

Absolutely no hack accusing of team mates. if someone has a issue with another member they MUST go to management. If any team member disrespect another member without coming to management they will receive 2 warnings and kicked on the 3rd.

Competition Winnings

Any amount from R1000.00 and under gets put back into the clan.

30% of any other winnings will be put back into the clan, the rest goes to the Squad/team involved.

Any form items that has been won by that respective squad/team belongs to that squad/team

Moneys from these and other sponsors will be used for Team building weekends etc. and also to keep the clan and all its entities running.


The Wrecking Crew is a self-supporting clan and any donations are welcome, if you do donate, please put your game name for reference. Donating entitles you to a bank statement once a month on request. Also banking details is at the bottom of the teamspeak channel.

TWC Member Responsibilities

We require that all members of TWC, regardless of position, follow and uphold the TWC Rules and Regulations. Upon reading these rules please leave a comment at the bottom of this post to state that you have read and understood these rules.

Work done for TWC

Any member that does any form of digital artwork including but not limited to logos, Facebook post designs, social platform branding material, audio, video intros, animations or print media will provide all RAW (Editable files). These files must be uploaded to the designated TWC Google drive folder before any designs are implemented. If you leave the clan you are not allowed to remove any of these files and they become the property of TWC.


Rules and regulations will continuously change and be edited as the clan grows and founder/managers see fit.

Thank you

The-Wrecking-Crew Owners