DGL Masters Introduces New Transfer Regulations

If you paid careful attention to the Masters Dota 2 League Leg One you may have noticed some strange transfers happening in the Master’s League mid-leg, which raised a few eyebrows.

As revealed  in an excellent article by long-time writer’s of most things DGL ZombieGamer, this was in-thanks to the “sister team” program that was currently in testing with the MGO’s and their subsequent sides. However, after some initial testing, it appeared that this system had some inherent flaws and was not being utilised properly, so there was need to make a change.

With that in mind the DGL admins went back to the drawing board, and after consultation with players and MGO owners, have come up with a new transfer system that will come into immediate effect.

Here are the new transfer rules in full:


  • Team Sheet

    • The team sheet is a complete listing of all members of a DGL Masters team. This includes players, managers, coaches, co-managers, organisers and reserves.
    • The team sheet must be created by all teams taking part in the DGL Masters.
    • When a team wants to add new members (player or staff), they need to update and submit the team sheet before adding the new member.
    • Teams may only field players that have valid contracts. A player may not have a contract with more than one team.
    • Teams may have up to 15 contracted players, and these players may not compete for any other team or MGO while under contract.
  • Player Changes/Transfers
    • Adding a new player during the season

      • Teams are free to make player changes during the open-period without incurring any penalties.
      • The team sheet must be updated and submitted, along with the fully signed player contract before the team is allowed to add the new player to their team or field the player in any official matches.
      • Before a player can be officially added to the roster or fielded in any official matches, a ticket must be submitted on the DGL Helpdesk. The ticket must contain:
        • Nick name
        • Link to the players profile
        • Full name
        • Previous team history since the beginning of the DGL Season.
      • Once the player change request is approved by the DGL, the player may be fielded. This process usually takes 1-3 business days. The DGL will notify the team once the process is completed.
    • Removing players during the season
      • In order to remove a player from a team, a contract termination letter must be submitted on the DGL Helpdesk as a ticket.
      • Only once the termination is approved by the DGL, the player is free to leave the team. This process usually takes 1-3 business days. The DGL will notify the team once the process is completed.
    • Roster Locks
      • Rosters will be locked 40 days before each major event. During this locked period, teams may not make any line-up changes. In the event of an emergency line-up change, the team must reimburse the DGL for any costs incurred by the DGL. For example, but not limited to:

        • Replacing the players kit
        • Conducting a new photoshoot
        • Changes to flights
        • Changes to accommodation
        • Changes to artwork
        • Any financial penalties levied against the DGL in regards to the changing of the player’s details.
      • Roster-Locked Periods:
        • Locked periods are the periods calculated 40 days prior to the first day of the event, and expiring a day after the event concludes.
        • Masters Cup Dota 2: 9 April – 23 May
        • Masters Cup CSGO: 22 May – 4 July
        • Masters Final Dota 2: 18 June – 31 July
        • Masters Final CSGO: 27 August – 9 October
      • DGL Transfer Windows (non-Masters)
        • Players competing in the DGL Premier, First or Second Division are bound by their own respective roster locks. Players coming from these divisions will not be exempt from their respective roster locks. These players must first leave their previous team during a transfer window, before the DGL will approve the transfer.
      • Substitutes
        • Teams may use un-contracted players as substitutes.
        • Once a substitute has been used by a Masters team, that substitute may not play for a different Masters team for a period of two weeks.
        • Substitutes are allowed to compete in other DGL divisions.
        • Teams may not use more than two substitutes per match.
        • Before fielding a substitute, a ticket must be submitted on the DGL Helpdesk containing the following information. This must be done for each match.
          • Subject: Urgent – Substitute – [Team name] – [Match date]
          • Nick name
          • Link to the players profile
          • Full name
          • Previous substitute history
          • Match which the substitute will be fielded
        • A Substitute may not play more than 33% of the teams matches in a season. In order to use the player in more than 33% of the matches, that player must sign a player contract with the team.

As expected, these rules come with their own subtleties that will be needed to get use to, but essentially offers a much more fluid way for teams and MGO’s to operate going forward in the DGL Masters.

To quote Christopher “Sargon” House from ZombieGamer, who summarised some of the key points:

  • Masters team rosters will now operate as team sheets, which are complete personnel lists of all associated MGO support staff and players. Support staff include coaches, managers, co-managers, and organizers. Players fall into three groups; players, reserves, and substitutes. Only listed players and support staff are eligible to participate in DGL related fixtures (regardless of the transfer period).
  • All core Masters players must have signed contracts with their MGO in order to participate in Masters fixtures. Core players are any players that play more than 33% of a Masters team’s fixtures in one Leg/Season. These players can only be contracted to one Masters team at a time. Teams can have up to a maximum of 15 contracted core players on their books. In order to move to another MGO, core players will need to have their contracts terminated by their existing MGO before moving to a new MGO. These player transfers can happen at any time throughout the year, provided it is not a Roster-Locked period.
  • The Roster-Locked period has been significantly reduced. Masters team’s are only under roster lock from 40 days immediately preceding Day 1 of an official DGL Masters event/tournament, and ends 24 hours after the final day of that same tournament concludes. If the DGL DotA2 Masters LAN takes place from the 19th – 21st of May 2017, the Roster-Locked period would essentially be from the 9th of April up to the 23rd of May 2017.
  • Making emergency lineup changes during the Roster-Locked period remains an option, should MGOs require emergency or unavoidable player transfers. Such transfers would incur severe punitive penalties imposed by DGL on MGOs unable (or unwilling) to comply with these new standards.
  • Players who are competing in 2nd Div., 1st Div, or Prem Div. are still bound by their respective league’s specific transfer windows, and as such can only move to a Masters MGO during an open transfer period. This only applies if these players are being recruited as core players/reserves (i.e. will potentially be playing more than 33% of the Masters team’s games during that Leg/Season). This means that players cannot be core players for both a division team and a Masters team at the same time. However, this is where the substitute clause comes in. In my opinion, this is the Play of the Game.
  • A Masters MGO may now also use uncontracted substitute players. A player in a Masters MGO is defined as a substitute if they do not play more than 33% of that team’s fixtures over a single Leg/Season. Substitute players, once used by a Masters team, cannot move to another Masters team for two weeks. Masters teams may use no more than two uncontracted substitutes in any given match. Substitutes may play for other teams in other DGL divisions. This means that a core player or reserve from a Prem Div. team can also be an uncontracted substitute player for a Masters MGO at the same time. These substitutes must just ensure they don’t play in more than 33% of fixtures in a single Masters Leg/Season. Consider this example, Player A is in Prem Div. Team X and Masters Team Y at the same time. Is Player A allowed to…
  • Play 100% of the matches for Team X, and 30% of matches for Team Y during Leg 1? Yes. Substitute rule applies.
  • Play 20% of the matches for Team X, and 30% of matches for Team Y during Leg 1? Yes. Substitute rule applies.
  • Play 100% of the matches for Team X, and 40% of matches for Team Y during Leg 1? Negative.
  • Play 20% of the matches for Team X, and 100% of matches for Team Y during Leg 1? Negative.

Should you have any further questions or queries about the new system, do not hesitate to contact the support help desk and make a ticket to get hold of the DGL admins.

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