Dell Reveals World’s First 8K Monitor

Dell are one of the leading and most trusted manufacturers of monitors, both normal and gaming specific, so it is no surprise that the company revealed perhaps its most ludicrous screen this week at CES 2017.

dell 8k monitor

Although 8K content doesn’t really exist as of yet, this has not stopped Dell from revealing its UltraSharp 32-inch Ultra HD monitor, which has an impressive 8K resolution, or 7,680 x 4,320 if you want to get specific.

The preposterous resolution uses 33.2 million pixels, and gives you a hilariously small start screen (as pictured below):


The colours and contract also come with impressive figures, with the UP3218k being able to display 1.07 billion distinct colours, with a ,1300:1 contrast ratio. Most disappointingly, however, is the refresh rate, which comes in the standard 60Hz although I suspect this may be improved upon in future iterations of the monitor.

As you can probably guess, the monitor comes with a spectacular price as well, with current pricing sitting at $4,999, which is about R68,300 for us here in South Africa.

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