CS:GO Masters Round 7 Wrap Up

The Masters teams are on their way to the final stages of the Leg 1 and, with only two more rounds to play before the end of the leg, the competition is heating up for its final stand. With the bottom four placed  Masters teams set to battle it out for their own chance at the Masters Cup, these last weeks will play key roles in determining which team’s will be safe and who will have to battle it out at the upcoming Community Shield Wildcard Qualifier.

So far we have four teams that are sloping towards the bottom four: eXdee Gaming, Ventus, Pulse Gaming and Veneration E-Sports. While there is a significant gap between eXdee and the others, as they clamp onto three wins placing them one point under Flipsid3, the squads fate all depends on their next two games, and how well the Flipsid3 team does.

The bottom three are in a dire situation, as only Ventus has managed to claim a win under their name however, all three are extremely far behind in their results. We could say that for any chance to break back into the top six they will need to win all their remaining games. This is a tough feat as these teams will be up against one another in the coming rounds – there can be only one!

Round 7 Wrap Up:

eXdee Gaming 2-0 Pulse Gaming: A close game for the xD squad as they have been fighting to maintain balance in the league. Pulse have yet to pick up a victory and were once again shut down with two fairly close matches, losing to xD 11-16 on Nuke and a 17-19 (Overtime) on Train. If the second map was won by PuLse we could have potentially seen them claw back into the game but, alas, they were unable to pull together and make it happen.

Damage Control 2-0 Veneration E-Sports: An extremely one sided affair as the DC squad continues a dominating performance, only letting the VnR squad get three rounds on their CT side before closing the game out 16-3 on Cache. The second map showed more promise for the VnR team but they were ultimately shut down once again on Inferno with a convincing 16-7 showing by DC.

Energy eSports 0-0 xTc Gaming: Pending Score Submission.

Flipsid3 Tactics 2-1 Ventus: A close yet well-rounded performance from the Flipsid3 squad as they secured wins on both Cache and Mirage with a 16-7 scoreline on both despite an extremely tense match on Overpass.  Ventus were able to take Overpass in an extremely pressured overtime game, with the side down an amazing 15-0 rounds on their T side but managing to mount a record-breaking comeback (further research required) to secure 15 rounds in a row to take the game to 15-15 and into overtime. The momentum proved to be too much for the Flipsid3 team to handle, leading to Ventus taking the map 19-16 though unfortunately, this would not be enough to ensure a series win.

White Rabbit Gaming 2-0 Aperture Gaming: The WRG squad managed to land a convincing 2-0 win against ApG  with a strong 16-9 on Overpass and a slightly closer 16-11 on Mirage. The match saw a stellar performance from LighteRTZ (Thulani Sishi) who secured over thirty kills on Mirage which, combined with some good team synergy, resulted in a strong performance for the squad overall.

As we wrap up the first Leg of the 2017 DGL CS:GO Masters, four teams have some placed pressure on them as the league only has two more rounds. Our first matches to watch will definitely be the Ventus vs VnR affair as, should they win both of their next matches (and Flipsid3 lose theirs) we could well see Ventus land a top six position. On that note, Flipsid3 will need to ensure a win against Pulse if they wish to stay ahead of the bottom-four pack, making this the second match to watch this week.Who will emerge victorious and who will be forced to reevaluate ahead of the Masters Wildcard Qualifiers?

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