Buzz Aldrin Wants to Take us to Mars Using Virtual Reality

Buzz Aldrin, known most famously for being the second man to step foot on the surface of the Moon, has some big dreams. At a recent talk given by the legend at SXSW, a brief sentence from him summed up his objectives for the human race, “We explore, or we expire“.

One of the big moves in science at the moment is to get people onto the surface of Mars, and it seems Aldrin has taken a slightly different approach, and wants everyone to experience what it will be like to take a trip to the red planet.

Luckily, thanks to the power of virtual reality, we can do just that thanks to a new VR movie called “Cycling Pathways”, and trailer is already available to watch on YouTube, or below:

The movie details Aldrin’s vision of how to make the 140-million mile trip to the red planet, and what humans will need to do in order to get there.

If you don’t happen to have a VR headset do not fear, as the video is still available to view in 360 degrees, it just requires you to move your mouse around a bit.

Initiatives like this are important, not only to inspire the next generation of scientists but to get people excited about space exploration again, as these are all things virtual reality can help inspire.

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