Breaking Kayfabe Takes a Deeper Look at Local eSports Personalities

This week sees one of Telkom Gaming’s own, Richard “DeMoNiK” Sjoberg, go under the gun in a recently revealed series from Dota 2 caster and personality Shaun “Profeci” Murrell, Breaking Kayfabe.

Telkom Gaming caught up with Murrell to find out more about the series, its interesting name and what people can expect from week to week as he explores the world of SA Esports:

Telkom Gaming (TG): What is the premise for Breaking Kayfabe, and why the name?

Shaun “Profeci” Murrell: “It’s a series about the various players and personalities in SA –  a mini profile on them as such.

I generally don’t explain the name since I want it to be a bit of research, but Kayfabe is the alternate reality that pro wrestling exists in. “The lie that it’s real“. To break kayfabe is to acknowledge the “fakeness” of it all, so like calling a wrestler by his real name or talking about his actual life.

Shaun “ Profeci” Murrell– Broadcaster/Panelist

I have another video with Jackie “Rainz” Chung coming out tomorrow and Chris “Sargon” House next week, which will be episodes 2 and 3 (now dubbed the missing ones thanks to technical issues). There are a couple more lined up including a redux of the interview with Adam “Adastam” Moore, since the sound quality was bad.

(TG): What was the motivation to find out more about the people behind SA esports?

 Murrell: We all use these nicknames and have an online personality, but who really is “DeMoNiK” or “Robohobo” from Orena? Sure, their friends and people they work with and have played with in the past know them, but these are the people at the forefront of Esports in SA. These are the people grinding behind the scenes to make all of this a success.

Players also need fan-bases to grow their own brand and be valuable to sponsors, so I decided to start the series as a result. I’d planned to do something like this for a while, and after speaking to Axtremes about his channel, I decided to do something similar, but focus on Dota to start things off and then branch into the casters and event organisers etc.

(TG): Fair enough. Where will we be able to find out about new (and missing!) episodes?

Murrell: The plan is for one a week, and you can find me on both Twitter and YouTube.

In the latest episode I get to talk about my past in South African Esports, some of the experiences I’ve had as a result and what the future entails. The episode can be found below:

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